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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

One Problem We Took From Norwich.

What a fantastic victory. We've played more than a fair share of blinders this season but I'll stick to my guns and say that that was our best performance since the defeat of Liverpool a few months back. Triffic. A formation that is looking more finely balanced than Philippe Petit walking the high-wire between the two towers of Notre Dame back in the '70's. We're a joy to the eye.

I'm sure I'm not alone in crying out for weeks for a formation that consisted of a centre midfield of Sandro and Parker with Modric sitting in front. The holding midfield of Sandro and Parker sat comfortably whilst allowing Modric the freedom to strive forward and link up with Bale, Rafa and Ade. The team just oozed class. Even if it was a mid-table side, the performance last night would've given any side a good chase for their cash.

What I also noticed was how well the team worked as a unit in defence. On the rare occasions Norwich enjoyed some possession in our final third there was consistently 10 players behind the ball and this forced Norwich to shoot from 30 odd yards out. We'd press the space well, win the aerial challenges and start playing our football from the back 4. We're much better at keeping the ball this season. Every player wants to get involved and play football the right way, on the deck. What I love about Adebayor is that he's probably the only 'big forward' that prefers to have the ball at his feet than in the air. It suits our style of play down to a tee.

Adebayor. I've noted on here before that he can frustrate the bleeding life out of me. Although, he's probably the only forward that has such a poor shot on him but is still one of the first names on the team sheet. His work rate, his link up play and his movement is phenomenal. He could have a team and a half worth of players surrounding him and he'd manage to keep the ball and make space from it.

But one problem that has probably been pointed out before is that we could be one Adebayor injury away from being starved up front. I'd find it hard to believe I was the only one to have the old heart in the mouth when Ade pulled up clutching the hamstring in Norwich only to look across and see super Pav twiddling his thumbs wondering what to spend his wages on this week. With Defoe currently out and Pav just not fit to lead the line, a forward must be a priority this January.

We're enjoying a good run of form, playing the best we've played for 50 years and picking up points home and away. I might start to enjoy this.


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