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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Whip Round Badly Needed!

I would begin by saying that this seems a fairly premature start for the usual 'silly season' but, to be honest, it's like insomnia- it never sleeps. I guess, to a rather short extent, it does bring a quick rush of excitement should the story appear to have some substance and a stable platform to stand on, as rare as it is.

Tevez. Carlos Ididn'trefusetoplayIjustrefusedtowarmup Tevez. It was these sort of rumours, back in the old 'Ibra to Spurs' days when it would bring joy to the eyes. It appeared to bring light to a usually below par season. Yes, it brought hope. Of course, they rarely came off. The only one for me was Rafa coming in last year. So upon reading "Tevez to Tottenham," I couldn't help but brush this aside with the old dustpan and brush. I'll be brave, stick the old neck on the line for not the first- and incredibly unlikely to be the last- time and say that this move is about as likely as Modric leaving in january. It. Ain't. 'Appenin'.

"But why, why couldn't we bring this fella into play for Spurs?"

First and most importantly, for Carlos anyway, I read somewhere that his wages are probably just a few quid over our wage limit. Not many folks are lucky enough to earn around £250k a week. £1m a month. £12m a year. This is of course an estimate, I'm not the blokes bloody accountant but I can't envisage his actual figure being far from this sum. I'm all for a whip round though.

My second issue would be to query why he'd join us. We are possibly looking at our best side since the double winning side of '61. We are having a good season. We are approaching Christmas and only 7 points of the league leaders with a game in hand. But I'd still find it hard to see Tevez itching to join a side that is not in the Champions League and, in all honesty, where he may not be guaranteed a start every week.

£20m? I can't see City letting him go for that sort of price. This guy has a market value of around £35m-£40m, possibly more. City are hardly short of a few quid and so can afford to hang on until they receive the right price for him. It would also raise an Ancelotti-style eyebrow if Citeh would allow Tevez to leave to a PL club, especially at a price under what he is valued at.

I'm sure it made pleasant reading. I'm sure it brightened the day up ever so slightly. It would be a very good signing, no doubt, but in all honesty the chances of this move going through are about as likely Arsenal are to win the treble. Sorry kids.


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