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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Lukaku could go to Spurs

A big statement about a big boy. 17 year old Romelu Lukaku believes his playing days in the near future lie in one of the hands of the Premier League big boys, and Liverpool.

Anderlecht's main man believes the boy will ply his trade at teams "like" Spurs, Chelsea and Liverpool. I couldn't tell you how many other teams are "like" the one's just mentioned so I guess he s just referring to these.

My view? Get the boy in. He will score goals, he's confident and, at 17, Levy should be able to find the cash in his back pocket to cover his wages. Well, you'd think anyway.

€30 million. It's an investment and one that will pay off more earlier than later; I'm sure. The Premier League's a physical league and it doesn't take Ian Broomfield to tell you that this kid has a build similar to that of Drogba's.



Monday, 28 March 2011

£20m for Mourinho move

José Mário dos Santos Félix Mourinho. You'd have to have had your head in the sand if you're unaware of the name. With an ego matching, possibly topping, the size of Tower Bridge, Mourinho has named his price for any English clubs showing an early interest in him. Expensive is an understatement.

The Madrid boss, who's set to take his seat at White Hart Lane in just over two weeks time, is reported to demand a salary reaching an incredible £20m a year and a Manchester City-esque transfer budget of £150m. According to the Express, two potential suitors of the Premier League have already shown a valid interest in the old Chelsea boss.

Somehow I couldn't see Levy's pockets reaching this deep. The potential £170m first year expense to bring the bloke to Spurs may prove to be the wind that blows us out the water as our muscle financially is reminiscent of a boxing match between that of Ramires and Hatton; a pay-per-view one of course. But, in the end, Spurs wouldn't stand a chance with this level of expenditure.

Worth the money? No. We'd have to win a lot in our first season and win the league come the second before the move becomes even considered justified. It doesn't quite make business sense but a lot can change in a year and a half. That's my hope anyway. No doubt that he'd be more than welcome at White Hart Lane, maybe not when he visits in two weeks though.


Sunday, 27 March 2011

David Moyes? Really?

I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels a weekend without Premier League football is a long one. Although, I still experience nerves on a similar level when a Spurs player steps out in the colours of their country. A repeat of September time in which we lost Jermain and Daws is not what we need; not now. It was good to see Daws complete an excellent game alongside JT, despite the opposition fairing more as a Championship side than an international one.

But anyway, David Moyes. Considering 'Arry is still with us and, in my opinion anyway, would be a common fool to leave, we have already begun speculating who will be in charge of Spurs come the 2012/2013 season. It gives a new definition to premature. We know Harry likes to send the media on the wrong path with his words and I still don't believe it's a dead cert he'll jump into the impossible job with England.

Speculation regarding the replacement has seen David Moyes' name thrown into the pit. A man manager that has built a solid side at Everton whilst working on a limited budget at the same time. Moyes isn't the glamorous European experienced head that would rub alongside Mourinho but could work well with a side like Spurs. 'Arry was the same, no Champions League with just then Uefa cup experience to his name; and valuable relegation-fighting-and-survival skills

I could see the Scot wanting a new challenge should Spurs make a generous offer to Everton, but that's my opinion. Although unlikley, I do feel that the Spurs job would be Mourinho's perfect job. Winning silverware at Spurs would be held in far higher regard than that of United. But there is the smaller matter that he is regarded as one of the best coaches in the world and wages would mean that Levy would have a task and a half to get their hands on him.

I do feel that, by far, it is to early to discuss such a matter. But, with international's taking place, who could you see as Redknapp's replacement should he leave Spurs?


Thursday, 24 March 2011

Harry's problem.. and it's not Bale.

No, it's not Bale straining his hamstring. Tommy looks set to be fit to face Wigan next weekend and, with Sandro and Luka forming a good partnership in midfield, it will give 'Arry a few headaches with how to accomodate all three.

Of course, there's a level of doubt around whether Tom would start anyway but, come the remaining games in this rollercoaster season, who will be the unlucky one to be left out? Sandro's already looking a star in the heart of the midfield with class just oozing off of Luka in every shift he puts in. With Van der vaart also looking in good shape to be one of the signings of the season, 'Arry's left with a nice dilemma (finally) sitting in his hands.

If I was standing in Harry's shoes, I'd be tempted to keep Sandro in the side. You cannot doubt the quality of Thudd but with a boy on such a good run of form, he doesn't deserve to lose his place in the side. I'd also be keen to incorporate a new formation and see how this works (as below)

------------------ Gomes ------------------

-- Charlie --- Gallas --- Daws --- BAE -----

----------------- Sandro --------------------

------------Modric ---- Vdv ---------------

- Lennon -------------------------Bale ---

------------- Pav/Crouch/JD ------------

4-1-2-2-1. With Bale and Lennon hugging the touchline and playing further up the pitch and with Rafa encouraged to slot in between them when we attack, we remain a real threat up top. Although, with 3 players packing the centre of midfield, the system would also prove affective in stopping the opposition play and allowing them no space.

Tommy returning can only be a good thing. We've hardly lacked class in midfield, but numbers were beggining to look short especially after Palacios picked up an injury.

Your thoughts?


Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Madrid ticket information

Just in case you are currently unaware, Spurs have today released ticket information regarding Madrid home and away. The deadline for away applications is TODAY and only ST holders with 250 or more points are eligible to apply currently.

Tickets for the home game will come on sale to Bronze and Lilywhite members on Friday 25th March (this week). For more information please visit

Expect hours of moaning and patience but good luck to you all. Anyone fancy giving me their away ticket? Haha


Monday, 21 March 2011

Disaster if we don't make top four?

The signs of late haven't looked to promising that 4th spot will have our name printed on it this season. Although City of late have looked sloppy and 'tired', poor guys, we've hardly been taking the chances to really push ourselves into the European places. 2 points from Blackpool, Wolves and West Ham of late? That's not top four.

Last year we looked to have all but missed out on 4th spot but then fought back to beat Chelsea, Arsenal and City at their place and since then, the rest is (ccurently becoming) history.

Following Redknapp's comments stating it 'wouldn't be a disaster if we don't make Champions League this year,' how do you feel about it? Disaster is a strong word. I think it would be more of a disappointment if we missed out but it's hardly a disaster. A disaster is relegation.

If we can keep hold of the squad we have currently and possibly bring in a new centre half and forward then we have every chance of success and silverware in the future. City are looking as though they're crumbling lately and no one should write us off just yet.

Your thoughts?


Saturday, 19 March 2011

Where's the goal?

One more opportunity dropped down the drain as we fell short at home to West Ham with a goalless draw. Hopeless, we can't seem to buy a goal and when we score 3 we concede the same amount. Defoe and vdv looked slow and desperate with Jermain squandering opportunities that Sandra probably could've scored.

Pav looked good when he came on and Modric was class as ever. We should worry about the teams below us before chasing the one's above. Good performance, dire finishing; sums up today.

If Defoe could find the net then it wouldn't have been one of those days and we'd now be sitting level on points with Chelsea.



Friday, 18 March 2011


So I've stolen a minute or two from work as I wanted to grab your initial thoughts on the draw with Madrid. When my eyes first saw Spurs drawn alongside Real I couldn't help but smile. We've had some of the greatest players grace White Hart Lane and yet still we march on.

The quarters and semi's really does give a new meaning to the phrase 'doing it the hard way' but I'm sure deep down, we all know Spurs' path was never leading to a more favourable draw.

No one expects us to triumph. We don't expect to triumph but all I hope is that we give them a game. We've show we're more than capable of challenging and competing with the best. We deserve to be here. We won't go the Arsenal way and sit, we will attack Madrid; that's what I love about Tottenham.

I must shoot off. Your thoughts?


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Let's not make the same mistake.

Even the thought back to Upton Park this season when we visited those East Londoner's still gives me the occasional groan and a tut as West Ham walked away from their cup final having finally taken 3 points off us for the first time in years. Celebrating like they'd won the league, it's unsurprising that they still lurk in the bottom 3 of the Premier League as they struggle to climb up the table.

Injuries proved instrumental in re-shaping our side thus playing a big part in this result that day. Hutton at full back with Corluka and Bass sitting inside with Bale restricted to left back. Modric thrown out on to the flank of midfield and we ran into 'one of those days' in which no one ever really got going at a time when Green, after looking for long enough, found a rare patch of good form. Shame.

Bottom 3 sides have a way of sticking the bus in front of their goal at the Lane and, as much as West Ham probably won't want to do it, this will be their best bet of walking away with anything this week. My only issue would be Daws' partner at the heart of the defence. Gallas looks crocked for a month or so and it looks as though Bass will slot in. I'm not a fan of Bassong. The boy still looks nervy at the back and at times you do wonder whether he plays with two left feet.

But anyway, let's not underestimate them. This is another chance to really stick the pressure back on to City's and Chelsea's backs as they play each other after us this weekend. A fully fit Bale with Rafa and Defoe given a chance up top would suit me. Easy.

Your thoughts?


Monday, 14 March 2011

Where will Spurs finish this season?

We've heard it from the boss. We've heard it from the players. From 'Premier League Champions' reduced to 'miracles' for 4th spot, where does our fate lie this season? From tearing apart European Champions to torn apart at Fulham, there never is an easy game in our fixture list. Rarely a game goes by where the finger nails aren't torn to shreds and the anxiety shouts louder than any Spurs fan.

With Gomes the latest Spur vowing to ensure we are not watching the Champions League 'from the outside next season,' every 90 minutes that we endure each week provides us, the fans, the opportunity to argue and decide where they believe Spurs will sit come full time of the Birmingham game. We're usually left bewildered as we beat Arsenal in their back garden for only then to struggle up at Blackpool and Wolves. Struggle is a strong word but 1 point from 6 screams louder than anything else.

With our growing improvement falling in the same time constraint as City's spending, it is inevitable that we've had to work harder to ensure we are amongst the best and are still in the fight for Europe's lucrative competition once more next season. This, despite exploiting successfully Liverpool's drop from Champions League winners to Europa League battlers and moving in to set up on the turf in the top 4 that they had nestled comfortably in for the last few years before last season.

So, where will we finish? We have a Champions League squad although we sit in 5th spot and the pessimistic view acquired from years of misery in my lifetime is proving to be the driving force in believing that this is where we'll sit come the end of May; this closely followed with folded arms, grumpy faces and a whole summer of Modric, Rafa and Bale linked with 50 clubs a piece.

With City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool still to face, you could say it's in our own hands and we should look to take advantage of these opportunity's. Although, Blackpool illustrated that we don't have the biggest hand when it comes to grabbing golden chances.

But you never know what you're gonna get with Spurs. That's what you've got to love. Haven't you?


Saturday, 12 March 2011

Striker moves.

The endless list of transfer targets was cut short ever so slightly this evening as another Brazilian decided to follow Ronaldinho back to his homeland.

Luis Fabiano has ventured back to Sao Paulo for around €7.6 million. The 30 year old, who has a record of 118 goals in 160 appearances for the side, had this to say:

"Money is not everything in life. Nothing could pay for how happy I am to once again be able to wear the shirt of the team closest to my heart.

"I owe everything I have to Sao Paulo. I'm going to sweat for this shirt and I'm going to score many goals. I'm already thinking about coming out of the dressing room tunnel at the Morumbi stadium."

The boy brought very mixed reviews amongst Spurs fans and split us almost as much as Gallas did when he turned up at Spurs lodge. It wouldn't have been the worst move to see how the boy got on in the Premier League and would've hit the back of the net a fair few times.

For €7.6million id have liked to see us take a punt although the chances of him joining were slimmer than Arsenal winning all 4 trophies at the start of the season.

Aguero next on the list?


Friday, 11 March 2011

Ledley's season could be over; Hudd and Kab in training

'Arry gave talkSPORT an update on all things Spurs tonight speaking about Ledley's, Hudd's and Kaboul's fitness ahead of another week off before West Ham next week.

Regarding Ledley, 'Arry said that our crocked centre half was lucky to be in the squad for Milan and pointed out the fact that the consequences of playing with his injury are finally catching up with him.

“He’s got a problem with his groin and I’m not sure really,” said the Spurs boss. “I took a gamble with him last night, but I don’t know.

“He’s got away with not training all week and playing on Saturday but I think it’s starting to catch up on him now. You can’t keep doing that forever, you have to train.

“It’s crazy that you can not train once all week and then come in on a Saturday and be the best player. Now he’s finding it more difficult - suddenly he’s starting to pick up a few more injures.

“We’re just keeping our fingers crossed for him and Jonathan Woodgate because they’re two fantastic centre-halves. We’re lucky that Michael Dawson has been brilliant and William Gallas has come in for us and done a great job for us as well.”

He further added that Tommy had started "running again" and that Kaboul was "back in training" and both of 'em were close to a return. With a sigh of relief.

With 9 games in April, according to Redknapp, we'll need a full team to pick from. April will define our season.


Thursday, 10 March 2011

AC Milan

It wasn't pretty. At time you found your heart concealed in your mouth as the minutes ticked on and the game remained goalless. Milan came out as I'd expected; gave us little space in which to operate with and played the game in our half. A much stronger performance from that of the one back in the San Siro where we looked a lot more comfortable.

Spurs, on the other hand, found themselves chasing most of the game.. and the shadows of the Rossoneri. This was the first time in the Champions League in which we were favourites for the game. Despite being told to "attack 'em from the off" the boys looked nervy and unwilling to over commit. Strange how, inadvertently, the 1-0 lead almost worked against us.

Desperate for a goal, Milan engineered and dictated much more of the play. Although, they found shots on goal restricted with nothing clear cut opening up for them. This, due to the back 4 sticking their necks out and getting at Milan and Sandro helping out to protect Gomes between the sticks.

Sandro already looks a star. Right now. If this boy continues impressing he could go a long way in the lilywhite and sit in our midfield for years to come. Absolutely fantastic again tonight.

Heat-in-your-mouth stuff. It's in our DNA. It's the Tottenham way and how we love to make thing's harder for ourselves. The game showed that we can keep clean sheets when there is so much at stake and congratulations to the boys who battled all day and found their way through.

I heard Gattuso was found punching his kitchen floor back in Milan after the result?

Barca, Madrid, United? Naa, I'd take Schalke in the Quarters.


Tuesday, 8 March 2011

I can't wait for Walker

After away games at both Wolves and Blackpool we have returned having shipped 6 goals which included 2 penalties. Daws and Gallas looked unusually shaky at the back against Wolves, struggling to cope with bog standard whipped balls into the box that they've been thrown up against for many years now. Although, my current primary concern is that of right back. Once dominated for so long by Charlie, this position has become one of vulnerability and the lack of a quality player there has cost us this season.

Walker, currently on loan at Villa, has proved phenomenal for the Midlands side. At QPR he looked a natural, slotting into the first team and helping guide QPR to top of the Championship. Any neutral upon glance would've thought the boy had been playing there for years; he's not 21 this bloke.

I hope 'Arry sees sense and gives this boy a good run in the team next year. It's worthless loaning out younger and reserve players if they're not going to be used and this boy could be a real asset to Spurs next year. One marginal concern of mine would be that, with Lennon sitting in front, such an attacking right hand side of the pitch may leave us caught every now and then but that's football.

This boy will be a star.


Sunday, 6 March 2011


Not the most composed performance ever taken place by a Spurs side, but not the worst one either. Jermain showed us he's finally found the goal and stuck the ball in it for the first time in the league this season. A rare note saw our back four let us down today as 2 points were stolen in the 87th minute.

Sandro looked a natural in our midfield alongside Jenas without really sticking a foot wrong; although, could've been culpable for Wolves' 1st. Pav looked a little off pace today; was his touch heavy or did I watch he whole game in slow mo? Not the best from our centre forward but still bagged a goal.

The return of Bale was a sight we've been waiting for for a while now as he stepped off the treatment table and showed us a little of what we'd missed. All in all we through it away. Basics at the back cost us with Daws, Gallas and Hutton looking a little shaky in Wolves today. Well, Hutton giving us what we've come to expect from him this season, not much.

Not the most sturdy platform in which to set up a game with Milan on, but a platform none the less.


Saturday, 5 March 2011

Sandro to start

I only recently noticed that we have a big game at home on Wednesday against the table toppers of Italy, big being the understatement. 1-0, as nice as it is to have the goal advantage, I hope it doesn't dictate the way we set out and play against Milan which, knowing 'Arry, I can't see that being the case. Attack is the best form of defence.

But with this game slowly emerging from around the corner, it seems 'Arry's taking precautions; Rafa's set to miss the game at Molineux. So, who to stick where? Sandro. Until about a year ago you could probably have counted on one hand the number of Spurs fans that had heard of this boy.

In his first full game for us he bullied the Midfield giants of Milan; Gattuso resorted to picking a fight with firstly the pitch and then with Joe as he found crossing half way a difficult feat to accomplish.

This boy slotted naturally alongside Palacios and, soon enough, most pre-match nerves had vanished along with Milan's composure. He looked assured. Wolves will battle just as hard as Milan did but will probably give us more of a game. Sandro, starting alongside Wilson with Modric just in front, assuming they're all fit, in a 4-5-1 would be my option.

Let's just hope we score a bloody goal this time, preferably from a striker as well.


Friday, 4 March 2011

Bale could be given 30 minutes.

'Arry gave Danny Kelly of talksport a peek into the fitness of Bale, but you still never know with back problems. Our boss told Danny that he may give Bale about "alf an hour on Sunday' hinting that our young Welshman could be fit to face the boys from Milan for the crucial second leg at the Lane.

I'm still in two minds about Harry's comments. It wouldn't be the first- or tenth- time he's tried to scare opponents this way. Wasn't Bale all set to face Milan at the San Siro? 'Oh wait no sorry he's still another 3 or so weeks away' is what he forgot to add on the end of his statement.

Not the worst tactic in the world but I can bet my house, my car and my wife that I'm not the only Spurs fan hoping Bale will be fully fit for the Champions League game on Wednesday; getting half an hour against Wolves would be a bonus, but a win against Wolves is a must.


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Harry Kane?

I'm sure I'm not the only one that's been keeping a relatively sharp eye on our boys among the youth ranks this season. One for me that has grabbed my attention is young English forward Harry Kane. The 17 year old notched up 18 goals in 22 games in the youth league last year and has since enjoyed a good spell at Orient this season hitting the net 4 times in 6 appearances.

Maybe this season has come about to quickly for the kid, but the boy is certainly showing promise. He seems a natural in front of goal and, if 'Arry sticks with us for a longer spell than feared, his coaching along with the rest of the backroom staff could prove decisive in setting up a platform for the 17 year old to succeed.

We've been scarce of goals this season and I do believe that it provides the younger forwards atleast half a chance to push themselves into the first team and to be given a chance with the big boys.

Your thoughts?