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Sunday, 27 March 2011

David Moyes? Really?

I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels a weekend without Premier League football is a long one. Although, I still experience nerves on a similar level when a Spurs player steps out in the colours of their country. A repeat of September time in which we lost Jermain and Daws is not what we need; not now. It was good to see Daws complete an excellent game alongside JT, despite the opposition fairing more as a Championship side than an international one.

But anyway, David Moyes. Considering 'Arry is still with us and, in my opinion anyway, would be a common fool to leave, we have already begun speculating who will be in charge of Spurs come the 2012/2013 season. It gives a new definition to premature. We know Harry likes to send the media on the wrong path with his words and I still don't believe it's a dead cert he'll jump into the impossible job with England.

Speculation regarding the replacement has seen David Moyes' name thrown into the pit. A man manager that has built a solid side at Everton whilst working on a limited budget at the same time. Moyes isn't the glamorous European experienced head that would rub alongside Mourinho but could work well with a side like Spurs. 'Arry was the same, no Champions League with just then Uefa cup experience to his name; and valuable relegation-fighting-and-survival skills

I could see the Scot wanting a new challenge should Spurs make a generous offer to Everton, but that's my opinion. Although unlikley, I do feel that the Spurs job would be Mourinho's perfect job. Winning silverware at Spurs would be held in far higher regard than that of United. But there is the smaller matter that he is regarded as one of the best coaches in the world and wages would mean that Levy would have a task and a half to get their hands on him.

I do feel that, by far, it is to early to discuss such a matter. But, with international's taking place, who could you see as Redknapp's replacement should he leave Spurs?


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