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Monday, 21 March 2011

Disaster if we don't make top four?

The signs of late haven't looked to promising that 4th spot will have our name printed on it this season. Although City of late have looked sloppy and 'tired', poor guys, we've hardly been taking the chances to really push ourselves into the European places. 2 points from Blackpool, Wolves and West Ham of late? That's not top four.

Last year we looked to have all but missed out on 4th spot but then fought back to beat Chelsea, Arsenal and City at their place and since then, the rest is (ccurently becoming) history.

Following Redknapp's comments stating it 'wouldn't be a disaster if we don't make Champions League this year,' how do you feel about it? Disaster is a strong word. I think it would be more of a disappointment if we missed out but it's hardly a disaster. A disaster is relegation.

If we can keep hold of the squad we have currently and possibly bring in a new centre half and forward then we have every chance of success and silverware in the future. City are looking as though they're crumbling lately and no one should write us off just yet.

Your thoughts?


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