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Friday, 18 March 2011


So I've stolen a minute or two from work as I wanted to grab your initial thoughts on the draw with Madrid. When my eyes first saw Spurs drawn alongside Real I couldn't help but smile. We've had some of the greatest players grace White Hart Lane and yet still we march on.

The quarters and semi's really does give a new meaning to the phrase 'doing it the hard way' but I'm sure deep down, we all know Spurs' path was never leading to a more favourable draw.

No one expects us to triumph. We don't expect to triumph but all I hope is that we give them a game. We've show we're more than capable of challenging and competing with the best. We deserve to be here. We won't go the Arsenal way and sit, we will attack Madrid; that's what I love about Tottenham.

I must shoot off. Your thoughts?


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