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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Striker moves.

The endless list of transfer targets was cut short ever so slightly this evening as another Brazilian decided to follow Ronaldinho back to his homeland.

Luis Fabiano has ventured back to Sao Paulo for around €7.6 million. The 30 year old, who has a record of 118 goals in 160 appearances for the side, had this to say:

"Money is not everything in life. Nothing could pay for how happy I am to once again be able to wear the shirt of the team closest to my heart.

"I owe everything I have to Sao Paulo. I'm going to sweat for this shirt and I'm going to score many goals. I'm already thinking about coming out of the dressing room tunnel at the Morumbi stadium."

The boy brought very mixed reviews amongst Spurs fans and split us almost as much as Gallas did when he turned up at Spurs lodge. It wouldn't have been the worst move to see how the boy got on in the Premier League and would've hit the back of the net a fair few times.

For €7.6million id have liked to see us take a punt although the chances of him joining were slimmer than Arsenal winning all 4 trophies at the start of the season.

Aguero next on the list?


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