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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Harry's problem.. and it's not Bale.

No, it's not Bale straining his hamstring. Tommy looks set to be fit to face Wigan next weekend and, with Sandro and Luka forming a good partnership in midfield, it will give 'Arry a few headaches with how to accomodate all three.

Of course, there's a level of doubt around whether Tom would start anyway but, come the remaining games in this rollercoaster season, who will be the unlucky one to be left out? Sandro's already looking a star in the heart of the midfield with class just oozing off of Luka in every shift he puts in. With Van der vaart also looking in good shape to be one of the signings of the season, 'Arry's left with a nice dilemma (finally) sitting in his hands.

If I was standing in Harry's shoes, I'd be tempted to keep Sandro in the side. You cannot doubt the quality of Thudd but with a boy on such a good run of form, he doesn't deserve to lose his place in the side. I'd also be keen to incorporate a new formation and see how this works (as below)

------------------ Gomes ------------------

-- Charlie --- Gallas --- Daws --- BAE -----

----------------- Sandro --------------------

------------Modric ---- Vdv ---------------

- Lennon -------------------------Bale ---

------------- Pav/Crouch/JD ------------

4-1-2-2-1. With Bale and Lennon hugging the touchline and playing further up the pitch and with Rafa encouraged to slot in between them when we attack, we remain a real threat up top. Although, with 3 players packing the centre of midfield, the system would also prove affective in stopping the opposition play and allowing them no space.

Tommy returning can only be a good thing. We've hardly lacked class in midfield, but numbers were beggining to look short especially after Palacios picked up an injury.

Your thoughts?


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