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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Let's not make the same mistake.

Even the thought back to Upton Park this season when we visited those East Londoner's still gives me the occasional groan and a tut as West Ham walked away from their cup final having finally taken 3 points off us for the first time in years. Celebrating like they'd won the league, it's unsurprising that they still lurk in the bottom 3 of the Premier League as they struggle to climb up the table.

Injuries proved instrumental in re-shaping our side thus playing a big part in this result that day. Hutton at full back with Corluka and Bass sitting inside with Bale restricted to left back. Modric thrown out on to the flank of midfield and we ran into 'one of those days' in which no one ever really got going at a time when Green, after looking for long enough, found a rare patch of good form. Shame.

Bottom 3 sides have a way of sticking the bus in front of their goal at the Lane and, as much as West Ham probably won't want to do it, this will be their best bet of walking away with anything this week. My only issue would be Daws' partner at the heart of the defence. Gallas looks crocked for a month or so and it looks as though Bass will slot in. I'm not a fan of Bassong. The boy still looks nervy at the back and at times you do wonder whether he plays with two left feet.

But anyway, let's not underestimate them. This is another chance to really stick the pressure back on to City's and Chelsea's backs as they play each other after us this weekend. A fully fit Bale with Rafa and Defoe given a chance up top would suit me. Easy.

Your thoughts?


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