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Friday, 4 March 2011

Bale could be given 30 minutes.

'Arry gave Danny Kelly of talksport a peek into the fitness of Bale, but you still never know with back problems. Our boss told Danny that he may give Bale about "alf an hour on Sunday' hinting that our young Welshman could be fit to face the boys from Milan for the crucial second leg at the Lane.

I'm still in two minds about Harry's comments. It wouldn't be the first- or tenth- time he's tried to scare opponents this way. Wasn't Bale all set to face Milan at the San Siro? 'Oh wait no sorry he's still another 3 or so weeks away' is what he forgot to add on the end of his statement.

Not the worst tactic in the world but I can bet my house, my car and my wife that I'm not the only Spurs fan hoping Bale will be fully fit for the Champions League game on Wednesday; getting half an hour against Wolves would be a bonus, but a win against Wolves is a must.


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