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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Lukaku could go to Spurs

A big statement about a big boy. 17 year old Romelu Lukaku believes his playing days in the near future lie in one of the hands of the Premier League big boys, and Liverpool.

Anderlecht's main man believes the boy will ply his trade at teams "like" Spurs, Chelsea and Liverpool. I couldn't tell you how many other teams are "like" the one's just mentioned so I guess he s just referring to these.

My view? Get the boy in. He will score goals, he's confident and, at 17, Levy should be able to find the cash in his back pocket to cover his wages. Well, you'd think anyway.

€30 million. It's an investment and one that will pay off more earlier than later; I'm sure. The Premier League's a physical league and it doesn't take Ian Broomfield to tell you that this kid has a build similar to that of Drogba's.



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