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Monday, 28 March 2011

£20m for Mourinho move

José Mário dos Santos Félix Mourinho. You'd have to have had your head in the sand if you're unaware of the name. With an ego matching, possibly topping, the size of Tower Bridge, Mourinho has named his price for any English clubs showing an early interest in him. Expensive is an understatement.

The Madrid boss, who's set to take his seat at White Hart Lane in just over two weeks time, is reported to demand a salary reaching an incredible £20m a year and a Manchester City-esque transfer budget of £150m. According to the Express, two potential suitors of the Premier League have already shown a valid interest in the old Chelsea boss.

Somehow I couldn't see Levy's pockets reaching this deep. The potential £170m first year expense to bring the bloke to Spurs may prove to be the wind that blows us out the water as our muscle financially is reminiscent of a boxing match between that of Ramires and Hatton; a pay-per-view one of course. But, in the end, Spurs wouldn't stand a chance with this level of expenditure.

Worth the money? No. We'd have to win a lot in our first season and win the league come the second before the move becomes even considered justified. It doesn't quite make business sense but a lot can change in a year and a half. That's my hope anyway. No doubt that he'd be more than welcome at White Hart Lane, maybe not when he visits in two weeks though.


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