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Friday, 11 March 2011

Ledley's season could be over; Hudd and Kab in training

'Arry gave talkSPORT an update on all things Spurs tonight speaking about Ledley's, Hudd's and Kaboul's fitness ahead of another week off before West Ham next week.

Regarding Ledley, 'Arry said that our crocked centre half was lucky to be in the squad for Milan and pointed out the fact that the consequences of playing with his injury are finally catching up with him.

“He’s got a problem with his groin and I’m not sure really,” said the Spurs boss. “I took a gamble with him last night, but I don’t know.

“He’s got away with not training all week and playing on Saturday but I think it’s starting to catch up on him now. You can’t keep doing that forever, you have to train.

“It’s crazy that you can not train once all week and then come in on a Saturday and be the best player. Now he’s finding it more difficult - suddenly he’s starting to pick up a few more injures.

“We’re just keeping our fingers crossed for him and Jonathan Woodgate because they’re two fantastic centre-halves. We’re lucky that Michael Dawson has been brilliant and William Gallas has come in for us and done a great job for us as well.”

He further added that Tommy had started "running again" and that Kaboul was "back in training" and both of 'em were close to a return. With a sigh of relief.

With 9 games in April, according to Redknapp, we'll need a full team to pick from. April will define our season.


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