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Saturday, 13 August 2011

He'll sign. 100%.

So, I predict, 7 days previous to this one you pictured yourself cheering on the mighty Spurs. Whether in the comfort of your own home, down the local, or standing proud at the Lane. My prediction would be that we'd come out of the game with a frustrating 1-1 and once more reveal the anarchy of failing to secure a quality centre forward as of yet. Maybe one more rant-free week or so will do us all good. Early season optimism eh..

Whilst the teams above and around us battle to gain an early advantage and find their stride for the forthcoming season in the Premier League, reports have suggested we're on the brink of brining our old enemy Emmanuel Adebayor to the Lane for a season. We've been linked with arguably 12 teams worth of players this summer, inevitably, although the Adebayor deal is one that I am confident will go through.

Adeabayor's situation is a difficult one. The poor old sod finds himself surplus to requirements at Eastlands after a few season's in Manchester.

Let's take a minute to sympathise.

The Togolese boy enjoyed a 6 month holiday in Madrid. Knocking in 5 goals in the process in a campaign that lasted 14 games for him. There's no prizes for guessing why he wanted a permanent move to Spain. It hardly raised an eyebrow when both Tevez and Balotelli admitted their disgust of Manchester, for obvious reasons. But poor old Ade; Mourinho looks to have ruled out any possible move for the Togolese forward. If they wanted him, they'd have signed him by now. With no other firm interest bar our own Levy's needs to adopt the classic grabbing-of-the-ankles-and-pleading tactic and send a kindly written letter to Mancini to take care of atleast half of Adebayor's wages. I'd make sure it was sent first class as well.

With Adebayor set to miss out on Citeh's 25 man Champions League and Premier League squad and with no other club bar our own even showing a sniff of interest, this is a deal I'd expect to go ahead within the next week or so.

But then again, how many times have we thought that eh?

I hope your Saturday is bringing more joy than mine is.


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