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Monday, 8 August 2011

He's almost a yid!

It appears the ball's been rolling off the pitch as well as on as Levy finally looks set to wrap up some steel in midfield in the current absence of Sandro. Despite the disturbing scenes that have casted shadows across Tottenham, Lassana Diarra looks set to jump on a flight back to London to stick his signature on a contract with Spurs.

Although a striker is a must, it really really is. This brings a slight sigh of relief. A player with a fantastic read of the game and excellent positional sense that we know can stick in a tackle and pass the ball. A much needed upgraded on the unfortunate decline of the once irreplaceable Wilson Palacios. There was a time when I genuinely believed he was irreplaceable. I do call this decline unfortunate as he was never the same player after the tragic death of his brother.

Diarra knows the Premier League. At 26 he's at the prime age for a midfielder, for Madrid I rarely saw him stick a foot or two wrong and believe players with a far superior reputation being paid a few extra notes was the primary issue that resulted in Diarra's time in Madrid being spent soaking up the sun from the sidelines. He also brings a vast improvement on both JJ and Hudd.

Let's hope the boy's happy with the princely sum of a 5 figure salary every week. One thing's for sure, we'd bite Levy's hands off for that. Hey, I'd take minimum wage to play for my beloved Spurs.

Nota Bene. Thank you to all those that gave Luka a fantastic cheer on Saturday. That's exactly what the boy needed. He still has a home here and I'm sure he slept a little easier that night.


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