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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Reality is a b*tch.

I awoke this morning to the unsightly words from a certain Mr. Aljai that Niko was in fact knocking on the door of Sunderland bright and early with the player close to agreeing a move to the Stadium of Light.

"Why are we selling Niko when we've still got bloody Jenas in our squad" A statement that I read rather frequently from some of you on Twitter this morning; one that makes sense. The reality is that, how do I put this, Kranjcar is class. He's divisions above JJ in ability. Despite spending the majority of the last season watching us fail to overcome the heavyweights of Blackpool, West Ham, Wigan and so on, he still turned up and saved us on a number of occasions, sticking in performances worthy of a start.

Here, we have a player with raw talent, a real eye for a pass and a hell of a strike on him but yet fails to make the side on a regular basis therefore queuing a vast interest in the Croatian where most, if not all, clubs can guarantee him a place in their first 11 i.e. Sunderland.

Then there's Jenas. Oh Jermaine, where did it all fall flat? His Spurs career is reminiscent of a certain Leeds United F.C, so much promise but it's ended in tears. I still remember believing that we'd made a real coup when we brought him down south from St. James'. A player that in his debut season for the club looked a magnificent signing. Since then, well, it hasn't quite worked out. A few goals against the scum have kept us persisting but, in the end, his position in the first team is met with more groans than cheers.

This sums up a classic Spurs situation. It's an easy feat to simply state 'sell the deadwood and get a few top top players in' but the reality is that no one wants our 'deadwood'. No one wants players that haven't performed to well for however long. We were lucky O'Hara really showed what he could do given half a chance otherwise he'd still be on the books. Jenas' inconsistency and demise down the pecking order at Spurs isn't without reason and everyone can see it. Seeing him captain us in Madrid still gives me nightmares.

The point is, as much as I don't want Niko to leave if it means we get a half decent fee and actually start pushing ahead in bringing in a forward and progressing then it's a deal that must be done. The boy himself doesn't deserve to finish another Premier League season with only 2 starts under his belt. No one wants a player that hasn't performed for a season or two and with Levy appearing to ask the Earth for some of them we're left in an impossible situation.

Onward and upward.


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