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Monday, 1 August 2011

Levy Receives Another Blow

Another move about as dead in the water as Osama is right now, but it won't bring the greatest of surprises. Well, not as big a surprise as when we saw a certain Grzegorz Rasiak arrive at Spurs for a medical anyway.

One Guillem Balague, the name needs no explanation, has shed a dim light on our hopeful move for Spanish prodigy One Matter. This has all arrived packaged and sealed first class from Twitter:

"Mata's clause to sign player cheaper (20-23m euros) finished yesterday. Clubs agreed fee, player happy to go but money didnt arrive...

Spurs tried to get him but he only wanted to go to Arsenal or Barcelona. Without Cesc money, Arsenal didnt want 2 pay.Now he costs 60m euros

Only a superoffer of 30m euros plus will get him but now the most likely scenario is a new contract with Valencia"

So, in reality and as predicted, a move for Mata was never on the cards. Reports are Shakira's expected to perform her single 'No' to Levy at his own personal home, he's used to hearing the word enough this summer.

The clouds are already darkening the day over WHL and the season's 12 days prior to kick off. Oh I am a joyful one on this sunny day aren't I.


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