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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Spurs Robbed As We Go 1-0 Down In Our Opener.

When a quiet protest first broke out in Tottenham following the death of one Mark Duggan, who's name seems to have been lost amidst the chaos that has hit the country of late, many of us struggled to even consider that our Premier League opener was in danger of being postponed. Little did I believe that this protest would be escalated by a minority of youths keen to endanger lives of the innocent and vandalise the property of others.

But we were determined. We weren't prepared to let a youthful violent minority of people continue this destruction of our beloved community, or any other. In the end, the damage was too much and, despite our brave efforts to rid these people off of our streets, our Premier League opener is now cancelled.

Official word from Spurs was:

"Following ongoing discussions with the necessary authorities regarding this weekend's Premier League home match against Everton, it has now been confirmed that this fixture will be postponed due to safety concerns relating to infrastructure of the High Road and access to the stadium caused by last Saturday's riots.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused to supporters due to matters outside of the control of the Club. We shall update fans on when this fixture will be rearranged in due course.

Supporters who have purchased tickets for this match are advised that tickets will remain valid for the re-arranged date. Anyone requiring a refund should contact the Ticket Office via email at"

"Disappointed the game has been called off after 6 weeks of hard work for it! But people's safety is more important. Let's hope no more games are called off this weekend or in the future" Tom Huddlestone had to say.

Michael Dawson added: "It is frustrating as we worked for six weeks trying to get fit and unfortunately the first day of the season isn't going to be happening for us,"

"But the most important thing is the safety of all the people involved, the police won't have called it off too lightly."

Should we qualify for the Europa League, then the chances of seeing a 3pm kick off are about as likely as Wenger is to lift a trophy with the Arse this season. These kids have left thousands and thousands of fans out of pocket and it wasn't just TV's they've done a runner with, they've robbed us of our Season Opener.

Respect goes out to all those that battled for their communities and I sincerely hope that people have been able to slowly start rebuilding their lives. Our game with Everton will eventually be giving to us, but some people's lives will never be the same.


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