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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Silence! We've all gone quiet.

Mancini turned up with a squad pinched from Football Manager '11 which oozed quality. The absence of Sandro was almost a gutter blow in itself. With no steel across the middle it was there on paper that our midfield would get overrun. Kranjcar guilty of helping to lay out the red carpet towards Friedel's goal with Dzeko taking full advantage.

Against top sides every chance given is a holy grail. They cannot be wasted. At 1-0 down and with a little belief in the fans shedding onto the pitch Bale volleyed a dream ball to Crouchy who managed stick a free header wide of Hart's net. In truth it brought about as much surprise as Arsenal's defeat up in Manchester today. Get the bloke out. I read somewhere there was one guy offering to run him up to Stoke himself. If you read this please contact the customer service team at White Hart Lane. Prior to that was an excellent passage of play that Bale managed to put over with the goal gaping. Punished. 2-0 at half time and all I was hoping for was that it wouldn't get embarrassing.

They were far better than us and we have to accept that. We couldn't cope with the quick give and go's City played on the edge of our 18 yard box. They moved the ball well and found pockets of space that we proved inferior to. We needed a Sandro/Diarra/Parker type player in there. An intelligent forward with good feet which we now have in Adebayor would've been invaluable today.

We have to look at the facts on paper that we cannot compete with City; they're challenging titles, we're challenging (hopefully) 4th place. We've played two sides which have an excellent chance to finish 1st and 2nd in the league this year. It was hard to imagine us getting anything from these 2 games, realistically anyway. Had we kicked off our first three against Sunderland, Arsenal and Bolton then I'd be confident to say we'd probably be sitting in the top 6 saying how good this season could be. There'd be the belief there to kick on, but instead we're clutching at straws and hoping that a few more players sign. It's tough not to make excuses, but Liverpool wouldn't have enjoyed their week had they had our fixtures to kick off with.

I've now jumped on the get luka outta here bandwagon that seems to be growing in the numbers by the day. That is IF. A big IF. We have realistic replacements, yes plural, to come in. There does seem to be a lack of passion for the shirt, a bit of a negative atmosphere around The Lane. It was all a bit quiet after conceding the first, just like up at United- it deflated us. Coming back from the internationals to find 3 or 4 new faces may give the place a lift. If I had a magic wand at Spurs I'd bring in a quick Centre Half - we've missed the pace of Ledley complementing Daws, two Centre midfielders notably in Diarra and possibly a more creative player and a wing attack- a Silva, Nasri or Mata type player.

But of course, I have no magic wand and whatever team we're left with Thursday we'll give 100%. We've arguably the toughest few months of any side and a slow start, to me, looked almost inevitable when the fixture list was printed.

Kaboul top scorer, two of the hardest teams out the way. Don't panic.

Onwards and Upwards.


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