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Sunday, 21 August 2011

It's Not Gonna 'Appen

(Yesterday's post that failed to publish due to a temporary suspension of my account, apologies for the information being a day old, although still valid I believe!)

Morning all. A familiarly quiet Sunday at Spurs Lodge, the usual no in's or out's and therefore proving another unsurprising transfer window day. Although, we do look set to tie up a couple of Ex-Goons before deadline day but then again we've 'looked set' to sign them for a week or so now. Just keep those fingers crossed boys.

Another report that was doing the rounds and also by one @Agent_ITK via twitter was that Spurs were meeting Bayern officials today to discuss the possibility of bringing one Arjen Robben to the Lane. Yes, the same Robben who's dad denied his son any possibility of joining us in Norf London because well, he felt his son could do better; In truth, I guess Munich aren't half bad. Parents eh, they just don't know when to let go.

Despite all this and before a monumental amount of false hope is built up, this is one deal that I can almost categorically reject will happen. It's no surprise. Robben still finds himself a crucial member of the Munich first 11, is on a more than decent wage packet and looks likely to play Champions League football this season. Levy's a shrewd businessman, but this is one deal that I doubt would even touch the surface of the water before being blown out of it.

There was also a small mention that Citeh would let Adebayor sign for us on a free. A player valued at £25m nigh on 2 season ago and suddenly even if he paid his own match fees wouldn't get a look in. Again, this looks unlikely. Unless if Ade agreed to a more modest wage packet of the £60k-£70k bracket, yes I know 'modest' eh, then he'll find himself slouching around taking a cool £170k a week watching Citeh's new heroes on Sky every week or so. If I'm honest, I'd take £170k a week to do nothing. It would certainly pay off the mortgage and then I'd possibly consider taking the missus out for that meal I promised her a few years back.

Oh I am the optimist aren't I.


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