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Friday, 5 August 2011

Darkest Depths of Mordor Avoided

Mordor. It's almost how I pictured this tie being drawn. Travelling to the darkest depths of Eastern Europe on a Thursday night in a bid to earn the right to play in the Channel 5 cup in Europe's second string European Competition. Well, it seems lady luck has shone a glimmer of light over N17 as we pulled Hearts out the bag. No long flight out for a Thursday night with the usual and expected hangover that would hit us like a train for a Sunday game. No surprises if we still played like we had one though.

Instead, it's a short trip to the exotic country of Scotland. Never have I ever felt so much happiness at the thought of travelling to Scotland. Even now I'm reflecting at the joy of this draw. You get my drift, it could've been worse.

For 'Arry, this brings a similar sense of satisfaction as buying a new TV for only then to see the same model on offer the next day. The way I see it? The fact our forwards made finding the back of the net a more difficult task than finding Waldo in a picture of Where's Wally mean's effectively we made this coffin so now we must lye in it.

But, it gives the younger players the limelight and, more importantly, our Thursday nights to prove to us they are worth all the fuss and a place in the first 11. It gives us more games in which to cheer on the mighty Spurs and that's something I refuse to complain about. Mason, Kane, Parrett, Souleymane, Bostock and many more could thrive this year if they're given a chance in this competition

In the words of our good mate Kev, "this is a proper tie."

"It's magnificent to be in Europe, and this club - a club like Tottenham Hotspur - if we're not in Europe.... we're nothing. we're nothing." Never forget.


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