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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Modric Drops Spurs Hint?

Maybe just maybe I'm reading a little to into this statement, apologies if you believe so. But one of our all time favourite boys Luka Modric released this statement regarding Robbie Keane.

“Robbie is a great player, he showed last night how important he is for the Irish team,” said Modric. “He's a great lad. I would like him to stay but he wants to play.

“That's not possible at Tottenham, so he will probably try to find other options. “But I'd like him to stay and play for us.”

The furthest Robbie's made it away from Spurs this summer was Dublin last night and I'm sure he'd have relished playing for a side that actually value him. Despite this, at first glance it would appear that Luka's very forward looking about staying at Spurs. This has come after Rafa declared that even the Spurs boys had been trying to convince our good friend to stay in North London, for another year atleast.

A rare glimmer of optimism on my half is telling me that i do thoroughly believe Luka will stay one more year at Spurs. On the other hand, If Robbie's still here come September the 1st then my hope in this sport will have taken a rather large dent.


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