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Friday, 21 October 2011

Do We Really Care?

Rubin Kazan in the Group Stages of what was formally known as the Wafer Cup. Yesterday's attendance matched that of a Spurs XI friendly against an average Sheffield United side which invites the question of; do we really care?

With a rather dreary attendance of just over 24,000, it seemed most of us were happy to watch proceedings involving a vast number of fringe players and a few youth players take place in the comfort of our own homes or down the local on the box. It was almost embarrassing but at the same time I'm not pointing the finger, I wasn't there.

I'm in full support of 'Arry giving a few of the kids ago. Livermore, Carroll and Rose could thrive in this year's competition and really rubber stamp their name as prospect's good enough to make the first 11. Although, these same players will still lack the Premier League experience that may be required to make the step up from a reserve to PL starter.

More positives were that Lennon looks to be fit with 'Arry now having a real bleedin' headache concerning who will start in Blackburn on Sunday. Although a slightly more inferior opposition than what the kid's used to, Sandro looked very sharp. Much of what we're used to. Excellent reading of the play and breaking up opposition moves when required. He's Brazilian, he always puts in a shift and a half.

The thought of Bassong playing in the league frightens me. I'm losing sleep and I'm sure it's not the booze I've had that very night. Can we just invest in a new knee for Ledley and have a calf thrown in free for Gallas as well? Get the boy off to QPR.

So, should we progress to advanced stages in this tournament should we stick with the kids and fringe players that have got us there or turn to more reliable heads? I'm thinking of possibly mixing it up a bit the further we go. We can win this thing.


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