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Monday, 3 October 2011

Ancelotti hints he'd welcome Spurs job.

What a morning after. I'm sure you'd all join me in agreeing that this was one hangover that was worth every painful minute as we smiled in the sunshine this morning. Kyle Walker ensured that the tide has changed. No longer are we second-best. No longer are we 'closing the gap'. We're better than Arsenal, and I never thought I'd live to see the day.

Patience is a hell of a virtue.

The best thing was, we didn't even play as well as we could've done. So, in an amongst our smug faces whilst reminiscing every endless emotion we felt under the sun when Walker put us ahead with 20 minutes to go, Ancelotti's had a few interesting words to say.

"I want to manage a team that challenges at the top, and I include Tottenham and Liverpool in that category. Wenger has had a shaky spell at Arsenal in the last few months, and for the national team Capello will be replaced by an Englishman, which will free up a place at the club."

It would take a two bob, as Clive would put, to not read between the lines in the last part that here Ancelotti is regarding Redknapp. No other 'team at the top' is managed by an Englishman. I mentioned in the summer I felt Ancelotti would prove a decent acquisition. A man that has experience in the PL and would save Levy a few quid due to there being no compensation package involved in trying to bring him in. This is of course assuming that Redknapp, should he be offered the England job, would take it.

A little forward thinking here with many if's and but's admittedly. At first view, it paints a positive picture. But right now, I'm still enjoying yesterday about as much as I'm enjoying this weather.

It couldn't be warmer here.


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