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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Blackburn problems

Saturday's are never the same when Spurs aren't giving us a usual roller coaster of emotions. I find myself attempting to take vague interest in other games, throwing money down the drain in the hope one club I couldn't give two s*its about beats another. It leaves me usually a few quid down adding to more misery; I'm a right cheerful chap.
So after a rather minority of a game takes place at lunch time in Manchester, the real game kicks off at 3pm in Blackburn. Of late, we've done rather well away at their place; we've won our last two meets away up there thanks to old lanky features who now ply's his trade in Stoke. I still see Blackburn as an unpredictable side. Of course, they find themselves neck's stretching above water but even this side could punish if we took our foot of the accelerator.

The Arse were given a shock & a half and gave the rest of us some comedy gold as they lost on a miserable day away there. Hell of a Super Sunday that, but I can't see a repeat against a stronger side in us. The only real issue would be Bassong partnering Kaboul at the back. The pair barely have game time together and Bassong really does get the heart beating furiously at times.

It's a superstition of mine, as strange as it sounds, to check team news prior to kick off so I'm unsure of any injury news. Although, assuming the same team is fit (with the absence of King) all eyes will be on whether Defoe or Rafa start. With Defoe looking sharp it would be right to make the most of this, exploit it while he's in good form. But, saying that, I can't and wouldn't like to see Rafa relegated to the bench.

3-5-2 anyone?

I joke, of course.

The return Sandro and Lennon will make selection one tough nut to crack.

How'd you line up tomorrow?


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