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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Modders Spurs Hint?

Ahh what a feeling it is to be able to blog to you lovely people once again. A few admin problems have now been rectified and I can finally talk once more about my one true love. Oh how I've missed writing about my beloved Spurs.

Anyway, now the gay bits are out the way. Things have looked pretty good. No frustrating draws, poor performances or talk of how we're destined for mid-table.. yet. Not a lot to moan about; I could get used to this. But I refuse to.

So it's mid November and of course murmurs of players coming and going in two months time is a formality. A rather depressing formality but a formality it is. It's already widely reported that Levy is close to agreeing terms with Modders to stick him on a £100k a week.. should we make top 4; My mate down the local who's Levy's brothers mates cousins friend told me Levy waved the chains in front of him; Luka didn't need a second invitation.

So I'm reading this story. A story that seems to actually have substance behind it, a rarity I know, and between the lines is this saying that should we make top 4 will Luka endure at least one more dreaded season with us? Que songs and dances on the streets of Tottenham; like any match day really. I was leading the bored brigade with this will he won't he story but this does raise a little surprise. Whether we'd make Champions League next season or not I thought he was gone. Running on limited time. Playing for the right to play for someone else.

Maybe he does see our progression and the potential that we've been been ranting on about since the Jol era. Maybe he believes we can challenge for top honours and compete with the best.

Or maybe he'll have another moan next summer.


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