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Thursday, 24 November 2011


We were split concerning the sale of our talisman of last year. It brought with it unnecessary stress and tired eyes for not only the management and the playing staff, but for also us as fans as well. The only way Luka could climb his way out of his self-dug hole was with his feet.

I still remember being called a 'gooner' for insisting that we should keep Modders at all costs; if anything it would send signals to our other players that we wouldn't bend over in a hurry should a club with a support matching the loyalty of a team of John Terry's wave a bigger pay cheque in front of them.

But in truth, if anything, Luka's upped his game. He's settled in well alongside Scott in midfield; with the former hammer proving the perfect compliment for the Croatian.

"We needed some fresh blood in our team." Modric said. "Parker and Manu came in. They are great players. They have improved our squad a lot and you can see that on the pitch. Now we are in third we have hard games coming up so we just have to keep fighting for each other and keep momentum up."

He's still here, we're playing well. Let's enjoy it!


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