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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Daws In Danger!

Call me unpatriotic, but I awoke with Twitter reminding me that England were playing this morning. I would say I'd enjoyed a nice sleep but the builders next door ensured that it was a relatively early start for a Saturday.

Upon my usual morning glance of Newsnow, I came across one update on Michael Dawson. I'd have thought at this stage we'd be clutching at straws hoping, anticipating, crying out for an early return to the heart of our defence so we could push on with a season that has currently left us lounging in mid-table. But no. In truth we haven't missed the bloke. The 'get well soon' card is still sitting on the bed side table- must get that posted today. It hasn't been one of those Bale or Modders type injuries in which we were counting the weeks down until they return.

So what happened?

"I was outside running earlier in the week but the Achilles was still a little sore, so I've had to take a step back and concentrate on working in the gym," Dawson said.

"The physios aren't too worries as I've been in a protective boot for a couple of weeks and I need to strengthen it up"

"I'm obviously a little down, but you never know with injuries and rehab, so we'll wait and see."

"I'll have a weekend's rest now and then it will be back to it next week. It's so disappointing to be injured and I was with Tom Huddlestone in the gym this week, he's also out and it's a hard time for a footballer, it's the side of the game people don't see."

So why, why had he become almost a forgotten man? I hear one or two speak.

Well no prizes or extra Christmas presents- no it's not to early mention Christmas- for guessing why. The return of the King to his rightful throne on the football pitch has in no uncertain terms formed a formidable partnership with Kaboul. The pair have been brilliant together. With Ledley at the back in the last 4 games, opposition sides have only engineered 19 shots on target; this averages to 4.75 shots on target a game, giving Friedel little work to do.

Of course Ledley will forever be carrying a big question mark over his fitness every week. The will he/won't he question will always there. Taking a strong assumption that Ledley could engineer a good run of games and continue this good form alongside Younes, then where does this leave Dawson? No doubt Dawson is a brilliant defender, although sometimes looks a little sloppy at the back, he's still been a key man for us over the past years.

Upon his return to full fitness and assuming Ledley and Younes remain fit and in top form, the issue comes over Dawson's involvement. I can't see why you'd change a winning team and a partnership that has looked outstanding over the last month. So does this leave Daws in a tracksuit watching on the sides every week? 'Arry will have a tougher call than his JD/VDV 'problem'


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