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Saturday, 1 October 2011


For as long as my memory can recall, I struggle to find a point in time where many experts-yes that word is used hesitantly- many fans and even bookies fancy us to topple the boys from Woolwich. It's evident that there we may be edging the power struggle in North London, but our own example should illustrate why we shouldn't approach this game with to much over-confidence.

Form never counts in these games. They're usually full of a shed load of goals; whether we were lounging around in mid-table or Arsenal were actually looking worthy Premier League winners. Those were the days, eh. Cometh the year 2011 and how things have changed. We recorded our first Premier League win for a few years at White Hart Lane in style as Danneh Rose set us on the way to a deserved 2-1 victory back in 2010. It's a shame Gomes seemed to let that sort of form slip through his fingers; he can't even seem to catch the team bus every week.

No doubt Wenger will rally his troops, he has too. His players know this is one of two games a season their fans live and breath for. This means we must focus. We must approach the game in similar style to Liverpool. Don't let them settle or play their game.

So how to line up? I'd be incredibly surprised if we matched the same formation we laid out in Wigan. I'm still a firm believer that the 4-2-3-1 would prove a worthy winner. With Parker sitting in midfield with Sandro and his dodgy barnet giving Arteta and Ramsey nightmares for weeks to come, this would free up Modric in midfield. Vdv as an advanced right forward with Bale on the left and Ade up top. Boom. With this in mind, we have an excellent option in JD on the bench and I also heard whispers Lennon was in line for a return. Two game changers there.

It's the first fixture we check on the day the fixture list is printed. If we stay focused and play our own game we could prove victorious. Any lapses in concentration will be punished. Are we the better of the two sides now? I never thought I'd ever even consider that question.


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