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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Why oh why, 'Arry?

So we've reached June, just about. I reckon half of Manchester thought they'd have their hands on Modders by now. Thankfully both 'Arry and his advisor have both drowned the noise of this stating that Luka will not go to Manchester United and he will stay at Tottenham. For now, that's enough for me.

Like many of you, NewsNow is my daily paper. Today, it was bombarded with a flurry of reports saying we'd made a €10m move for Abel Hernandez. I don't like to pre-judge. I have my entire faith in Spurs to bring the right man to lead our line next season.

Although, it did raise an eyebrow, Ancelotti style, when I read the boy had hit just three goals in 22 appearances last season. The boy must have a lot more than goals to his game to have caught Levy's eye but, admittedly, I've not had the privilege to see Abel on a football pitch.

I also glanced across a report that young Kyle Walker was set to complete another season long loan away from Spurs and return to QPR. Que another Ancelotti eyebrow raise. Why oh why would we not give this boy a chance? He was our finest right back last season, and he didn't play for us once. He's worth atleast half a chance. Why let go a player that looks a promising England full back?

To many questions for this time of day.


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