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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Luka worries.

You'd have to have had your head in the sand for the last month or so to be oblivious to the clear-as-glass fact that United are after Luka. It brings no surprises as the guy's been truly phenomenal in the three years he's played in the lilywhite.

So, Levy gave us the no big names will be leaving line and Luka himself welcomed the comment and reassured us that he will be at Spurs next year. Happy, satisfied, worries over? Not quite.

There seems to be an ignition point somewhere that keeps these rumours burning. Bored unadventurous journo's you may say, but something is keeping these rumours alive. It's been strongly reported today that Spurs are willing to accept £25m for our magician. 25 MIL! How much was Fernando's move to West London?

Has Levy already got the pound signs in his eyes, has Harry gone mad? We shouldn't be looking to entertain any offers. The player wants to stay. He's not stupid, he'll know of the interest surrounding him but he continues to commit to Tottenham so why oh why oh why on Earth would we give him up for a few extra quid into Levy's pocket?

I wake up almost with concern that a deal for Modric will suddenly appear on Sky Sports, it's not even June yet. Letting Modders leave will be like losing a leg, we'd be blown out the water in the race for fourth. Have a spine Levy.

Triple it, throw in Berba and Rooney then just maybe we'll have a second glance.


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