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Friday, 27 May 2011

Redknapp Out.

I'm not an anti-'Arry man. Not by a country mile. But with Chelsea reportedly sniffing about, would it be such a blow if Redknapp were to jump ship?

He's done wonders for the club. Wonders that 3 years ago when we were rotting at the foot of the Premier League we couldn't even dream of. He's brought Champions League football and the exciting brand of football back to White Hart Lane. Some may bring back the old taken us as far as 'e could phrase.

But with Redknapp hitting mid-sixties and with an England call largely expected to be on the agenda for the season after next, would it be the worst decision by Levy to allow Redknapp to manage Chelsea for a season? He'll be out the exit door if the Champions League isn't nestling in Chelsea's currently empty trophy cabinet but I'm sure he'd pocket an extra few quid a year anyway. In the words of ACDC, Money talks.

I haven't been reading into the reports to much. Levy's got a spine on him and isn't the sort to be bullied into letting 'Arry go unless he truly wanted to. For me, it's down to whether it's worth cashing in on 'Arry and at a time when we have the option of getting Ancelotti and possibly Wilkins in to replace him. Roman sees it as a failure, but I'd take second place every season.

I don't want Redknapp to leave us. But with England expected to want to get their hands on 'im anyway come 2012 and right now with the possibility of Ancelotti to move for, maybe it would make sense.



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