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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Europa League a blessing in disguise?

Game 37. I'm like many of you in the sense that the Europa League is not considered high up on my Spurs agenda. I don't think our players could handle playing effectively 2 seasons next year, congrats to those who can. City's endless investment got them close but they fell short against Dynamo Kiev and with Spurs pretty much shooting a loaded gun into their foot, City finally reached Europe's top competition; I wonder if Levy's spending would stretch to a billion.

Anyway, today's result has practically opened the door to the Europa League pathway. The Championship to the Champions League. Although, winning it doesn't get you a promotion to the glamorous competition for the following season.

Was I disappointed we won today? As daft as that sounds I'm sure you could take an educated guess about where I'm coming from. But of course not, I admit an exciting score draw would've been favourable pre-match; although, like many games we've played this season, we deserved this one. We've been playing some fantastic football and today fully justified the rewards we should be earning from these games. We finally managed to find the back of the net- and without conceding first- and even scored a penalty. I'm shocked as well.

European football hasn't quite found its way to White Hart Lane just yet but it's knocking on the door. Just rewind to West Brom, Blackpool, Wigan and West Ham to name a few teams that we've failed to defeat home or away this season. Birmingham won't be an easy game. With their necks just reaching above the water they'll be all out gunning for a win and I do believe they'll give us a much sterner challenge than Liverpool today.

If we do find ourselves stuck in the Europa League it won't be all doom and gloom. It's clearer than water we need a forward and, to be blunt, European football would aid that arrival. Levy would also pocket a few extra quid as well.


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