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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Kevin Gameiro

Word sounding out of White Hart Lane is that, apparently, we're in for a forward. I suppose when the total number of goals scored by your forwards is so minimal that you'd be forgiven for taking one glance at it and assume our season may have ended like West Ham's. But no, we find ourselves in pole for 5th spot despite the short supply of goals our forwards have provided.

'Arry gave a little insight he'd be taking a look at the French League for an option and one name that continues to find his name in the same sentence as Tottenham Hotspur is Kevin Gameiro.; after knocking in an impressive 21 goals in 34 games for Lorient.

We need a boy that's confident in front of goal and is capable of playing up front by himself. Video's can offer only little insight and admittedly some of the teams look as though they've been taking notes on Arsenal's defending as it is dreadfully woeful against Gameiro.

But still, here's the boy scoring goals. Apologies for the missing end of the screen.

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