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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Steve Bruce's blunder for Spurs

The season hasn't even started but our pessimistic ways have reached a new limit as the speculation surrounding Peter Crouch joining us gathers momentum. Sunderland have today pulled out of the race for Crouch claiming he wants to stay in the South; let's just hope Crouch falls for Al Fahim's new Pompey plan for glory and ends up staying.

Bruce said: "I know he was impressed with the set up here when he came for talks, but it's simply a matter of geographical location and that's not something we can affect.
''What's pleasing however is that it shows the intent of the club going forward that we are trying to bring in players of his calibre, and we will continue to pursue other targets"

This statement both worries me and confuses me; the fact that our former lanky striker actually wants to stay in the south and join a club with money worries me. How almost signing Crouch proves your club is moving forward will always keep me guessing and is another matter. Why can't Redknapp see that Crouch is only good for a club looking to achieve mid-table every season, hence he plays for Pompey and is also wanted by Fulham? Is Crouch really going to push us into the Champions League that Redknapp claims he is looking to achieve? No.

Let's hope a miracle in Roy Hodgson comes along and pops up with an unbeatable offer. All he has to say is that he reckons Fulham will make the Champions League next season.


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