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Friday, 31 July 2009

Bent reacts to Twitter posts

Bent statement: "I appreciate that transfers are seldom straightforward and are often complex. However, after a long period of waiting following my withdrawal from the plane to China, I had become incredibly frustrated by the time these things take and I posted inappropriate comments on my Twitter site.
I allowed my emotions to get in the way of my better judgement. I regret my actions and did not intend to offend Daniel Levy or anyone with the nature or the content of my posting."

Seems this free speech act that was granted so long ago doesn't apply in the world of football, but I'm sure Darren has just saved himself a fine.

Do you think he's really sorry? Somehow, I don't think he is.



  1. Footballers earn alot of money which the football club pays so if the club want to get the best from their investment then footballers need to let them get on with that. He will be sold, he knows that so just wait. Its no different when a player holds out from signing a new contract for the same reason.

  2. sooner this deals done the sooner we can move on and consentrate on sighning some more players


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