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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Steven Pienaar close to signing

Ashley Young; let's be honest, he isn't coming to Tottenham. We can't afford him, according to O'Neill not even '£50m' would tempt him and I can't see us offering £60m. Maybe Madrid have spare change to throw away? Furthermore, why he'd join a team that would offer lower wages and finish behind Villa, again, would also surprise me. He's not an idiot.

Where we should be looking is Evertons' Steven Pienaar and why we are not at least adding him to out bottomless list of players we are interested in is way beyond me. I wouldv'e thought at least one paper would put two and two together and link us the South African.

Pienaar rejected a new contract offer from Everton on Monday and therefore should be having his name thrown all over the place; it's the trend these day's. It is also reported that Everton want Alan Hutton. I rate the guy but I'd jump at the chance to involve him in a deal that would include Pienaar, who has two years left on his contract.

We have only lost once at home under Redknapp and guess who scored the killer goal for Everton. This guy would prove to be great value on the left side of our midfield and would cost Levy far less than some 23 year old Villa player would.

I can't see this happening, not because Pienaar is still happy at Everton, but because it would be a bargain signing, one that is actually value for money- but we all know how much much Spurs like to miss out on a good bargain.



  1. OK all isn't it time to give the slagging a rest and start backing those that are at the club whether it Keane, Gio, or Gomes. We need to start believing in what we have and if anyone else comes in believe than can improve us. When you are on the stands all the negative feeling is felt by the players which puts them under more strain than needed,if we actually believe in them they may start to believe in themselves and we may just start a season well!!!!!!!!!

    Nuff Said

  2. Yeah I agree. The point I was merely trying to make is why we can't stick in a bid for the lad. He's obviosuly a quality player and wouldn't cost the Earth, I'm all in favour of trying Gio but, as many of us, I do leave my faith in Harry and thoroughly believe he is the best man for the job.

  3. I agree, Pienaar would be a great signing, but again why would he come to us over Everton? After all they have europe over us and are fairly similar in terms of club size!

  4. Yeah true. In reality, he'd never come to us, but Im still surprised we havent shown an interest.. at least made an effort.
    But oh well, it be fighting a lost cause in all honesty- I agree.


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