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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Tottenham's shock of the season

The inevitable has occurred. Speculation involving Tottenham has made the back pages after days in which the number of rumours in circulation could be counted on one hand; am I complaining? No. Today sees our leading striker Mr. Bent, yet again, linked with a move to the North East; a striker who's goals starved off our threat of relegation and whom we signed just two seasons ago.

I remember blogging about Darren earlier on, fighting for the lost cause that is himself staying in N17. I reminisce to the fact that I believed Bent's work ethic and goals/starts ratio was worth top dollar and felt thoroughly convinced that we should keep the former Charlton man. Now, I am not as convinced, although I am not oblivious to his scoring record which saw him top our goals chart at the end of the season. I do still believe that he can do a job at Tottenham- I mean, he wouldn't be a bad bench player would he?

The thing that pains me the most is, as far as Tottenhams' luck goes, I could see Darren turning out to be a real goal machine for the likes of Sunderland and letting an asset such as that leave and succeed would be a painful sight to us all. He'd be looking to revitalise his career and would be at his thorough best as he bids for a place in Fabio's World Cup squad; although, his playing time at Spurs would reincarnate that of Micheal Owens at Newcastle. Yeah, he wouldn't play much, and this is why Darren should leave to ensure his career doesn't tumble down a hill and plummet off a cliff.

So, I'd be not happy but satisfied if Darren left as we'd get a decent fee for the lad and it could mean more playing time for our other three present strikers; if they don't decide to leave as well.

As long as the deal does not involve Kenwyne Jones, I'm happy. The striker would prove more of a liability than Postiga was, back in the day. They were bad times.


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