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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

3 Reasons why Veira won't sign for us

Gawd, I was going to keep quiet about this but it never seems die, so I couldn't help myself. Just when i find little dignity for the Mail they pop up with THE most ridiculous rumour of the summer. They seem to adopt the whole 'let's make up a story and blow it up all over the back page' approach; this is because the more of the paper the story covers the more likely it is to be true, of course.

Patrick Veira to Spurs. 4 years ago we would've been in laughing fits over this sort of rumour- I still am. Everyone needs to have a reality check. We won't sign this player:

1. We signed Wilson Palacios for £15m in January. He plays in the same position and had a successful 6 months with us, he's not getting replaced and Modric just isn't in the equation

2. His wages will halt any deal, we won't pay him top wages to 'play' on the bench.

3. He's scum. He was a success at Arsenal and therefore will not join us.

Everyone needs to calm down over this story. This move is about as likely to happen as Redknapp is to come in to work wearing an Arsenal shirt.

But as always, this is football, anything can happen- but we all know that!


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  1. You raised some very interesting points, i have to say that i agree with you on all of them.


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