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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Fan report: West ham 0-1 Spurs

I was hoping for a better performance than the one we gave against the European Champions, to be honest we didn't give the Premiership a great name for itself, and I needn't remind anyone at how poor our performance was at the home of English Football.

Both clubs set out fairly strong teams, Spurs' noticeable change was that of playing Hutton and Naughton in the same side; nice to see Harry pop up with a surprise every now and then. Bar that it was a similar team to any we're use to with Charlie and the Hudd alongside each other at the back.

The first half brought great satisfaction and it was relieving to know that we hadn't in fact turned shite overnight; we actually looked as though we wanted to win this game. We looked like the Spurs team fighting another relegation battle, but in a good way. We played with the heart on the sleeve, passed the ball around nicely and in truth made West Ham look like, well, West Ham- bloody average.

Hutton and Naughton also worked well together and showed a good understanding on the right hand side of the pitch, maybe Lennon will have to fight for his place this season; haha, that'll be the day!

Still though, the one thing we failed to do was put the ball past Green-somehow- with Pav coming closest hitting the post. I kept thinking we were playing at home, is it even allowed for Spurs to play this well away from home?

The second half saw the departure of Mr. Pavlyuchenko with pointy-shouty bloke his replacement. Keane endured a good start linking up well with Defoe, although any good performance would've been overshadowed by the stunning performance of our little Croatian playmaker.

Even through our poor performances against Celtic and Barcelona, Luka Mordric still showed great ability on the ball. I'm not gonna lie, we'd be right down there without him. The word depression would be frequently used amongst us fans for another season.

Pav had a good first half, Keane actaully looks like he's fighting harder for his place than he was at Liverpool but it was Defoe that scored the goal. Defoe's finishing had been so poor today.. but he still managed to score! Embarrassing Robert Green also adds that extra satisfaction.

We finished comfortably and 'that lot' from East London didn't look up to much. I think Bournemouth proved a tougher test in all fairness with Curbs blaming 'pre season' for every sloppy West Ham pass and shot. Let's be honest, it's just the West Ham we're all use to. Still though, a comfortable 1-0 win against a team that will be lucky to stay in the league this season, an injury for Boa Morte and a solid performance. what on Earth are we going to moan about this time?



  1. Bring on Hull.......can hardly control myself.

  2. I didn't see the game but from the reported line-up didn't Modric play as CM, and isn't that perhaps why we played so much better?

  3. West Ham were poor today, But I would not write them off for the coming season just yet, they have some proven players in their team who as we all know can perform at the top level.... lets just wait and see what happens over the course of the season.

  4. Well Ben, it still took 10 or so chances to get the one goal, a lucky one at that, through the keeps legs. I think Pav played well, hitting the post with the inside foot curler.
    Nothing else to moan about, we played well as a team, i liked Hutton, he had a solid game, with a few more games under his belt he will have all the confidence back and will probably retain the right back slot.
    Palacios played well, better than at the weekend, so did Modric and O'Hara, i was beginning to worry about O'Hara, he played at the weekend as if he was zapped of energy, prehaps he's been doing to much shagging, but atleast he is getting back to his normal self.
    Lets hope the wembley cup was our bad spell and everything is plain sailing from here on in


    Macca - Wolverhampton

  5. pompey will never die - they'll just move to spurs

  6. Modric did indeed playing in the centre, with O'Hara and Ekotto on the left side.

    We actually looked quite balanced today, although I would like to see Gio given a chance on the left.

  7. Watching the game, I thought that the star of the show for us was O'Hara. He really ran the midfield, and although Modric didn't have a bad game, I've def seen better from him. Prob worth noting that O'Hara could well have seen red at one point though, and I'm sure had this not been a friendly, we would have finished with 10 men.

    One thing we need to work on is actually sticking the ball in the net. Much like last season, we had good possesion, and really should have scored more.


  8. yeah I think the only point to make was that we did need a hell of a lot of chances but atleast we didnt look like conceding

  9. This team is easily going to be as good as the old pompey team.

  10. Sorry, I believe this is the 'Tottenahm Hotspur fans' view' not scummy East Londoners'

  11. Spurs are gonna be even better when they have that tree, Crouch to deflect shots off of

  12. sorry guys but "Curbs " blaming pre season
    cant see why our ex manager should comment on our game --btw -good win for you guys


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