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Sunday, 19 July 2009

The inevitable has happened

I thought I'd wait a while to see how many reports are saying that we have made a bid for Ashley Young, the player we could have signed 3 seasons ago for around £8m- painful I know. As expected, I couldn't count the number of reports on two hands, but Harry's seemingly dismal transfer window doesn't leave me to optimistic. He's either being really shrewd or it just hasn't been his day, everyday.

O'Neill is a clever man. I have the uppermost respect for the former Celtic boss and do not believe that he would replace Ashley Young, arguably one of England's brightest young assets, with Stewart Downing, a player that-in my opinion- would be lucky to make the starting eleven for Darlington. This is why I don't believe Ashley will be leaving this year unless he desperately wants to.

Still though, O'Neill has invited these transfer rumours upon Aston Villa and why they have splashed out on Downing seems a mystery to most; maybe Martin felt a lack of depth last season in the Villa side. But these rumours will continue to come and I can't believe Levy would be willing to spend a reported £30m straight off plus with the expectation of fairly large wages. Besides, we don't really have much of a transfer budget this year- do we?

Still though as Spurs fans we can hope; seems like we end up doing that for most of the season anyway. But, at the moment, it seems as though we are more likely to win the league before signing Ashley Young. Shame really.


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