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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sunderland look Bent as Spurs set to Crouch down the table

I know, the title is a bad one but the news is much worse. A bad title for bad news, it works. It seems as though the reality that Peter Crouch could be at Tottenham within days is hitting down hard. As soon as it was obvious we were in the hunt for Crouch in truth it was really only a matter of days before we had him, there was no competition. Why oh why did we appoint Redknapp as manager?

"Obviously I'm disappointed to see Peter leave, but given the severe financial restraints in place here we had no choice but to accept an offer from Tottenham," Paul Hart told the Sunday Mirror.
"I think people need to realise that Pompey have been punching above their weight and could no longer sustain the level of spending that has gone on here over the last three years."

It's a shame Peter's coming but at £10m could probably be just about worth a punt, especially in today's market. The only way this move will work is if Crouch and Defoe play week in week out, so what will happen to £15m Robbie Keane and £14m Roman Pav? We'll just have to wait and see; maybe they'll be happy sitting on the Tottenham bench. Meanwhile, Steve Bruce has confirmed that Sunderland are in talks with Darren Bent.

"Darren Bent is another one where we are trying our utmost," said Bruce in the Sunday Sun.
"We have tried all summer for Peter Crouch and Darren Bent. Talks are ongoing as we speak at a high level.
"We hope we can do something with it, but as we have just experienced last week, we can get knocked back as well.
"We have to agree a fee - obviously it isn't done yet. But we are talking."

I think it be a shame to see Bent go and I'm not afraid to say it. I believe he will be hitting his peak within the next few seasons and, should we only get around £10-12m for him, we'd rue the day we let him jump up north.

It should be an interesting season. Either that or another horrendous one.


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