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Thursday, 24 September 2009

The question we all want to know the answer to

Peter Crouch, £9m, what you might call a modest amount of money spent on a player in today's market. Birmingham and recent Carling Cup opponents Preston have fallen to goals from our lanky striker this season.

What I believe I've noticed is Crouchy's willing to run and work for the team. Despite only sticking the ball in the back of the net once in the league -having only been played as a bit-part player, his reaction to being benched each game has been positive. No strop, complaints or runinng to the media to explain how getting £40k a week for watching football is a problem. His performances have been good, nothing amazing, but he hasn't let himself drift into the shadows of the game, there to just make up the numbers or waste time. No sir, he's held the ball up well made space, brought others into the game and attacked the opponents goal well.

A hattrick last night, what more can the guy do? Surely, the boy deserves a start now. I believe this is what they call 'doing the talking with your feet'.

So, I'm not saying Robbie doesn't have a great influence on the team in terms of leadership and raising the team spirit, but, considering Crouch has more goals than Robbie this year.. maybe we should give Crouchy a start up top with Jermain and leave Keane out the starting eleven?

Keane on the left for me doesn't work. Crouch deserves his chance and Keane should be left on the bench. There, I said it. Even though the chances of this happening are little more than marginal.

I'm sure Redknapp will keep us guessing until the final moments on Saturday, as he likes to.