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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Webb plays a blinder

Correct, it is sarcasm. Ok, we had our moments, we looked sharp and looked to be 'well up for it'. I thought the first half was a positive one despite going a goal behind at the Bridge. So things WERE looking bright. It was a poor goal to conceded but in truth old 'Cashley,' in the gooners terms, did tuck away a smart header at the back post.

Then Howard Webb remembered it was Spurs he was refereeing, away, once again. The memory of the whole United blunder clearly fresh out of his memory, of course. A new season, a fresh start. Somehow I got the impression that most of us still had the incident at Old Trafford fairly fresh in our minds. It wouldn't surprise me.

So 1-0 and Keanos away. Carvalho brings down the Pointy Shouty Bloke without the ball changing direction, either a penalty or a booking for 'simulation'. Neither were given. Now, I'm not a referee, oh wait yes I am and once more a-highly-expected-blunder from Webb; if referees were marked with points, he'd be level with Pompey right now. That's where he deserves to be.

An absolute shocker from Webb. but are we suprised? We shouldn't be by now should we; he was poor all over the park. I thought we knocked the ball about well, made space and the effort was clearly there. Then we lose King and Bass and end up losing 3-0.. I'm feeling a sense of deja vu from last season.

Let's hope this isn't a regular thing.