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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A tribute to Lennon: Our boy's done us proud, again

How long is the fantastic form of our players going to last? A similar side from last year that couldn't buy three points to begin with are now unbeaten in the league and performing at international level. Yeah, I know what your thinking; I just jinxed it didn't I?

Pre-match today brought great anxiety but emotions were contrast and not due to the result. My greatest fear was not a defeat at the hands of Croatia, but injuries to our players. Sod's law would see Defoe, Lennon and new boy Kranjcar pick up injuries and miss the United game this weekend.

And then how Aaron Lennon stuck two fingers up to his critics. Us Spurs fans have been praising Aaron's final ball this season and finally the whole nation can see that we were right to blow our own trumpet. He can cross, there's your evidence.

The first twenty minutes saw Lennon show what he's all about. He beat a player and won a penalty. His next decision then saw him decide to cross the ball first time without taking on the player. This resulted in Gerrard nodding in for two. Two phenomenal attributes of the player. How this guy has developed and progressed over the years. His final ball has really come on.

I should also acknowledge Lennon's work rate. Yes, on some occasions Aaron should've looked up more and, as a consequence, lost the ball; I guess it's not easy when you have three players all trying to tackle you at once. But I appreciated Lennon's work ethic, and I'm sure Johnson did to! He helped him out at the back when he needed it, and boy, did he need it more often than not.

To top it all off, Aaron was awarded the man of the match, unsurprisingly.

I think there's only one last thing I need to say.

Thanks Capello; you gave Lennon the chance we have all been dying for you to give and how it looks to have paid off.