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Saturday, 12 September 2009

How we miss our little man

I'll keep this short but no so sweet. I'm sure many of you saw the game against the United bunch this evening returning home with little to smile about. In what was a very dry performance that began with a fanatic start, Giggs' goal seemed to knock us further back than we had been all season. Our heads dropped, the midfield didn't turn and we were playing their game.. and this was on half time at 1-1.

Our boys needed a reminder that we were above United in the league and losing, especially at home, had so far not been on the agenda. The second half brought little change, bar Palacios coming off after a somewhat lacklustre performance, and Jenas appearing for the first time this season to replace him.

We played United's game today and looked dismal, especially in Midfield. The creative flair and excitement we had produced in the four previous games seemed to vanish when Modric did. Boy is it going to be hard without him. Lennon was quiet, Huddlestone couldn't pass and Keane, well, he was just poor. Even with 10 men United looked as though they had an extra player on the pitch and found, what was anticipated to be a tough test, a real walk in the park.

So there you have it. Our first full game without Modric and we lacked that creative spark down the left flank; or for that matter, we lacked it all over the pitch. Let's hope a week in training with our boys will do Kranjcar good and he can step up to the mark in time for next Sunday.

But still though, let's try and not get to disheartened, we've got Chelsea at their place next week.