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Friday, 4 September 2009

That cheeky sod

Remember old Ruud Van Nistelrooy? The player currently returning from a nasty injury and warming the very expensive benches of Real Madrid. Yeah, rings a bell doesn't it.

It seems as though it is true that we did try to pounce on the veteran Dutchman on deadline day but, obviously, were unsuccessful in our attempt. What we would have offered him is the chance to fight for a place in our team. For RVN, this be an oppertunity that is rarer than finding a fiver on the streets of East London after Madrid spending more than an arm and a leg this summer.

'The easiest thing for me to have done would have been to leave for a lesser team,' RVN said.
'But I'm not going to leave Madrid. I want to know what I'm capable of. There are still a lot of options when it comes to playing"

'I know I can play at the highest level. Physically, I feel better than before the injury,' he added. 'I only need to find my rhythm and that will come with matches.'

IMO branding us as a 'lesser team' is just about the same as sticking two fingers up to us. For a striker that, despite being in a team that is fighting for the title and the Champions League, is highly unlikely to feature in either and is fast reaching his expiry date just isn't right. For him anyway, we are not a lesser team.

He's stuck in a team that won't see him getting playing time. Something that, at Spurs, he may well could have fought for. Real Madrid are a bigger club, but, for a player that more often than not can't make the first team to brand us as 'lesser' to him, IMO is not fair.

Have fun watching from the sidelines this year Ruud.