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Sunday, 29 November 2009

A big applause for Harry

Now, I was at a cold wet Villa Park last night and after the first half I could see it being 'one of those days'. Conceding early away from home always feels like being slapped in the face. Irritating. Last year our response would have just been damage limitation, not, 'hold on we can still win this game'.

We played a good first half, finishing the game on top. Villa shut as well; I think I could count the number of times Lennon and Defoe touched the ball on one hand in the first half but Crouchy and the Niko showed their worth.

The second half was a much different story. Villa resorted to the long ball up to John Carew. Bad idea. We came out looking as though Harry had given them all a clip round the ear. Cheers Harry.

Cool, composed, we knocked the ball around beautifully. No panic in the team and played some lovely football. We deserved a point, lovely finish from Daws, and maybe should've grabbed the win.

How Harry as got us playing football, and playing well. Now let's do United at their place.