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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Do we need four strikers?

This is a question I could never quite answer with a simple yes or no. Currently, we have four international strikers that cost an average of £13.25m each (based on reports). Last year Darren Bent left the club as he didn't fancy the role as the unlucky number 4 and now it seems Pav has done the same thing.

You can't blame a player for feeling unsettled sitting on the bench every week and, as a result, finds himself being thrown into the Carling Cup early rounds, especially with the World Cup next year. Any player that is happy to sit on the bench has a problem. Why would you want to waste years of a short career sitting and watching the game instead of playing anyway?

Concerning Roman's desire to leave the club, what strategy should we look for in the future? Where should this money go? Should we invest it in another forward that will result in another one of our front players sitting on the bench. Or, should we use the money to invest in a player in a different position? Maybe we should look to the youth team for a possible 4th striker, giving them their chance whenever needed.

What do you think?