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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Giovani speaks out.. on everything

Many of us have stood by him, we know the talent he posseses and are still anticipating the day when he shows it in the league this season. We've backed him and taken him in as though he'd been playing for us for years and years. Finally this is what Giovani had to say:

"I was fit and I was in good form so it was disappointing to get injured,"
"When I was on the floor I thought ‘oh no, it's the same injury as last season' because I had the same injury on the other ankle. I tried to continue but it was impossible, I felt too much pain.

"My first thought was that I'd suffered bad luck but two or three days afterwards, I just thought about getting back, getting fit and getting strong again. I'm still very young and when I come back I can do the same and show the coach I'm ready to play."

"It's good to hear that the coach is saying good things about me," he said.
"I was doing well in the national team as well as in training here and then in the Carling Cup at Doncaster.
"Even in the Preston game I felt sharp and I hit the crossbar in the fifth minute.

"I think the coach knows I'm a good player and I want to do well for Tottenham. I came here to play, I love the fans and they've always supported me and I have everything here."

"It's very frustrating not to be with my national team," he sighed. "I was playing very well for Mexico. The good thing is that we only need to win one game and we are in the World Cup.
"I feel like ‘why am I injured now?' because I want to be playing at Spurs and I want to be in Mexico with my friends and with my team. But hopefully they will make it in the home game against El Salvador on Saturday. That would be perfect."

'Arry labelled him as a 'fitter, leaner, a great ability, and can develop into a top player' let's hope we don't try and shift him to soon.